The Animal Agenda Aotearoa will succeed with a groundswell of public support for it all over New Zealand.

After you’ve emailed your MP, signed the petition and shared them on social media there is plenty more you can do that will help animals get better protection.

  1. Ring your MP’s electorate office and ask for an appointment to speak to the MP about animal issues. Take a copy of the Agenda along to leave with your MP and talk to your MP about the Agenda items of most concern to you. Let them know a party’s support for the Agenda will help determine how you vote in the election. More than one political party will have an office in your electorate. For example, in Auckland Central Nikki Kaye is the electorate MP but Labour candidate Helen White also campaigns in that electorate. Please meet with all the MPs based in your electorate if you can.

  2. Contact the Minister for Primary Industries, Nathan Guy; Labour’s Primary Industries spokesperson Damien O’Connor and Animal spokesperson Trevor Mallard; Green Party Animal Welfare spokesperson Mojo Mathers; and ACT’s Primary Industries spokesperson Don Nicholson and let them know about your support of the agenda.

  3. Speak to family, friends, colleagues and others about the Agenda.

  4. Write to/email your local paper about animal issues and the Agenda.

  5. Organise an event in your local area in support of the Agenda in the run-up to the election. This could be a rally, march, picnic, petition or other activity.

You can find more information about the Agenda at and on Facebook at

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