#2 Abolish Factory Farming

Abolish all factory farming in New Zealand by 1 January 2020, including farrowing crates, fattening pens and all hen cages.


New Zealand law allows millions of pigs and hens to be farmed in crates and cages, spending their entire lives confined to tiny spaces and suffering immense physical and psychological pain. Such animals have no opportunity to display normal patterns of behaviour. Pictures of the conditions in which pigs and hens are kept are a stain on our international reputation and jeopardise our clean, green image. There is no need for animals to be treated in this way. New Zealand should outlaw such cruel practices. There are now moves to factory farm cows inside in New Zealand. Let’s stop this before it starts. The law provides that battery cages for hens must be phased out. However, these are being replaced by colony or “enriched” cages, which give the hens extra space only the size of a credit card, and are no better in welfare terms. It is a waste of money to require the egg industry to spend millions of dollars on building cages which are just as cruel to hens. Instead, there should be an immediate move to all hens being free range. Sow stalls for pigs were banned from December 2015, but farrowing crates and fattening pens are still permitted. They should be banned as well.

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