#14 Live Export

Ban the live export of animals.

Live export inevitably involves suffering and deaths for animals. It is immensely cruel. New Zealand does not permit the live export of animals for slaughter.  This prohibition was introduced in 2003 after international shock about the suffering and deaths of sheep on the Australian ship the Cormo Express, while it was transporting the animals from Australia to Saudi Arabia for slaughter. Australia live-exports millions of animals every year. Over 2.5 million sheep, cattle and goats have died on Australian live export ships since 1981.


New Zealand’s ban on live exports for slaughter should be written into the Animal Welfare Act as a permanent prohibition, rather than it being a regulation that is periodically reviewed. However, this country permits animals to be exported live for breeding. In 2014, this country sent almost five million live animals overseas. Chickens comprised the largest number of animals, including a mix of day-old chicks and fertilised eggs. 85,732 cows were exported live in 2014. Permitting animals to be exported live for breeding acts as a loophole to circumvent the ban on live export for slaughter. In 2014, New Zealand sent 900 ewes by air to Saudi Arabia for breeding. 75 per cent of the lambs died soon after arrival. In 2015, hundreds of sheep died when 53,000 sheep were exported to Mexico. In January 2017, New Zealand shipped more than 5000 cows to China.


All live exports of animals should be banned.

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