The ACT party did not respond to our questionnaire about its policies on the 17 items making up Animal Agenda Aotearoa. As far as we are aware, ACT does not have an animal spokesperson or an animal policy. ACT's score for Animal Agenda Aoteraroa 2017 is accordingly zero - the lowest mark of any of the parties.


The Green Party's mark for Animal Agenda Aotearoa is 18.5. It received three marks for having an animal spokesperson and an animal policy and for responding to Animal Agenda Aotearoa. It then received a mark of 15.5 out of 17 for its response to the 17 specific items on Animal Agenda Aotearoa.


The Labour Party's mark for Animal Agenda Aotearoa is 14.75 out of 20. Labour does not support a Commissioner for Animals but supports a Minister for Animals instead.

Mana Party

The Mana Party says it does not have an animal policy at present. A party representative has advised that the party is working on  a policy. At present, Mana's mark is one out of 20. We are giving it one mark for responding to the questionnaire to say that it does not yet have a policy. Animal Agenda Aotearoa is happy to re-mark parties if they provide policies prior to the election.

Māori Party

The Maori Party has a mark of 15.5 out of 20 for its response to Animal Agenda Aotearoa. The party has an animaklal spokesperson and an animal policy and provided a response to Animal Agenda Aotearoa. it received three marks forfrom that. It then received additional marks as seen below for its response to each of the 17 items on Animal Aganda Aoteraoa.


The National Party's mark for Animal Agenda Aotearoa is 4.5 out of 20. National does not support banning greyhound racing. It says that "National is not proposing to ban greyhound racing. This is a successful industry supporting many jobs across the country."

NZ First

New Zealand First's scored 8.95/20 and its responses to Animal Agenda Aotearoa were extremely detailed.  New Zealand First advocates banning all live exports apart from equine bloodstock.  

Opportunities Party

The Opportunities Party scored 2.5/20.  They were the first party to respond to our questionnaire and stated that they believe National and Labour do an okay job on the day to day stuff so they don't have a policy on every issue.

United Future

United Future scored 17/20.  The party supports banning rodeos and greyhound racing, and placing cameras in slaughterhouses but does not support a ban on live exports.

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Political Parties - their animal welfare policies

Animal Agenda Aotearoa asked political parties about their animal policies and what improvements they support to make the lives on New Zealand animals better.

Below is a summary of the response we received from each party.  Click on the party icon to see their response in detail.


2017 Results

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