The ACT party did not respond to our questionnaire about its policies on the 17 items making up Animal Agenda Aotearoa. As far as we are aware, ACT does not have an animal spokesperson or an animal policy. ACT's score for Animal Agenda Aoteraroa 2017 is accordingly zero - the lowest mark of any of the parties.

  1. Ban rodeos                                                                                                     

  2. Intensive Farming                                                                                         

  3. Animal Testing                                                                                              

  4. Slaughterhouse Monitoring                                                                         

  5. Greyhound Racing 

  6. Sentencing 

  7. The Link                                                                                  ACT's mark for every item is zero

  8. Shelter & Transport 

  9. Commissioner For Animals 

  10. Surgical Mutilation 

  11. Painful Devices 

  12. Animals In Entertainment 

  13. Legal Personhood

  14. Live Export 

  15. Chaining 

  16. Animal Agriculture

  17. Ban the production, import and sale of foie gras

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Animal Agenda Aotearoa 2017
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