​New Zealand First's responses to Animal Agenda Aotearoa were extremely detailed - too detailed to include all of the answers here. If you want to see the full responses, please contact Animal Agenda Aotearoa and we can provide them.

New Zealand First said its starting point was that in all cases, whether in the context of farm animals, wild animals, animals used for research purposes or domestic pets, all animals should be treated in a humane and respectful way. New Zealand First policy was that all animals subject to human control, under any and all situations and circumstances, are entitled to and should receive humane treatment, proper and adequate food, water and shelter, and veterinary care as necessary, insomuch as was practically possible.


New Zealand First considers that the way animals are treated is very important. This country's treatment of animals under all conditions reflects very tangibly on our international reputation. When animals are required to be killed, New Zealand First policy is that appropriate methods be used to ensure that death is as swift, painless, humane and non-degrading as possible. New Zealand First accepts the majority mainstream scientific knowledge of animal sentience as well as the generally-accepted view that of the wider species groups there are some, namely primates, cetaceans, elephants, horses, dogs, cats and pigs which display an exponentially greater predominance of sentience indicator behaviours than other animals, accompanied by some species of birds, notably ravens, magpies and parrots and certain invertebrates such as octopi.

  1. Ban rodeos                                                          No. New Zealand First does not oppose rodeos provided NAWAC guidelines and regulations are met. Well-organised rodeo events are an entrenched part of many agricultural and stand-alone events on the New Zealand rural and provincial calendar, providing enjoyment for many people. We do not believe that animals are harmed physically or psychologically through the activities of rodeos when these are undertaken in accordance with NAWAC guidelines.

  2. Intensive Farming                                              NoNew Zealand First supports calls for the ultimate elimination of sow crates and battery cages but believes these changes must be made in conjunction with full and proper public understanding and acceptance of the increased costs that such changes will impose upon both the taxpayer and the food buying public. At this time, both New Zealand and the world are moving closer to technologies and practices that will expedite a move from current farming models that incorporate such systems of confinement, to models that do not employ them. However, replacements for these established farming models will result in a significant material increase in the cost of food products produced by them and we feel strongly that any such changes need to be accompanied by a clear public acceptance of these increased costs and the reasons behind them. New Zealand First does not support calls for the prohibition of established barn farming models for cattle in New Zealand as the party believes the cattle are happy, healthy and demonstrably more productive than dairy cows farmed within the traditional pasture-based system.

  3. Animal Testing                                                   Yes

  4. Slaughterhouse Monitoring                              No. This involves privacy and commercially sensitive  infomration 

  5. Greyhound Racing                                             No

  6. Sentencing                                                          Will consider. Justice rather than animal welfare issue.

  7. The Link                                                              As above

  8. Shelter & Transport                                          Yes

  9. Commissioner For Animals                             No. New Zealand First believes there should be a separate Directorate within MPI dedicated to animal welfare concerns and answerable to a specifically-allocated Associate Minister.

  10. Surgical Mutilation                                           Yes for cosmetic purposes; no for processes required for veterinary reasons. 

  11. Painful Devices                                                 Not when these are required to ensure safety in livestock management.

  12. Animals In Entertainment                               Not beyond NAWAC guidelines.

  13. Legal Personhood                                            No

  14. Live Export                                                        Yes, other than for bloodstock.

  15. Chaining                                                            As per NAWAC guidelines

  16. Animal Agriculture                                           We do - refer Primary Industries policy

  17. Ban the production, import and sale of foie gras   Will consider as per NAWAC guidelines.

We interviewed New Zealand First MP Tracey Martin about her party's animal policies in 2014. You can watch the interview here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQ68ShI83E8&t=6s

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