We are a new party with 7 clear policy platforms (www.top.org.nz). We want to influence policy, not be the government and generally think National and Labour do an okay job on the day to day stuff so we don't intend to have policy on every issue. If and when elected, if these issues arise we will develop a policy based on the evidence of what works and in consultation with our members. 


For that reason we don't have a response to most of the specific questions you have raised. However, I would note that our environmental policy www.top.org.nz/top3 embraces the principles of One Health and would make intensive farming and factory farming more expensive, and create incentives for more extensive farming, which would improve animal welfare on farms. This provides a partial answer to questions 2 and 16. 


Our Democracy Reset (www.top.org.nz/top4) would also enshrine the rights of the native environment to existence (including flora and fauna) in a written Constitution. 

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