#1 Rodeo

Ban rodeos in New Zealand. Rodeos involve cruelty, pain and death for animals, and teach children it is acceptable to exploit animals for human entertainment.

Footage filmed at rodeos in recent years has shown the rope burning of animals; the use of electronic prods to make bulls react; tail twisting; bells rung close to animals to frighten them; time limits being exceeded in calf roping; and animals dying in rodeos. Rodeos are inherently cruel to animals. Animals suffer pain and fear while being transported to the rodeo site, and are then subjected to cruelty during the rodeo itself. Almost 30 complaints have been made to the Ministry for Primary Industries about the mistreatment of animals in rodeos in the past five years, but not a single prosecution has been taken. Parents who attend rodeos with their children are teaching children bad attitudes to animals. Rodeos abuse animals for entertainment, and take the attitude that animal deaths are acceptable as long as humans enjoy the entertainment. Rodeos cannot be made safe for animals. They should be banned outright.

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