#8 Shelter and Transport

Provide adequate shelter for farmed animals, taking account of New Zealand’s weather extremes and develop and enforce high standards for transporting animals to ensure that animal trauma is reduced.

New Zealand has a major problem with lack of adequate shelter being provided to farmed animals. In summer, many animals are left in paddocks with no shade and little water, while in winter there is frequently no shelter from wind, rain, hail and snow. In the past decade, there have been a number of major spring snowstorms in which tens or hundreds of thousands of new-born lambs have died. Lambs could be protected by lambing later, planting shelter belts, using wool or plastic lamb coats or giving glucose injections, but these steps are seldom taken. Transportation is extremely traumatic for animals. Steps need to be taken to ensure that this trauma is kept to a minimum and the pain and suffering of animals being transported are reduced.


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