#4 Slaughterhouse Monitoring

Make it mandatory for cameras to be installed in slaughterhouses and provide funding for monitoring the cameras.


Hidden camera footage filmed by animal advocates over the past five years and broadcast on television has revealed the horrendous cruelty of the treatment of many farm animals in New Zealand. Recently, pictures of the way in which calves were assaulted and ill-treated shocked the nation.


France and Israel have made cameras in slaughterhouses mandatory. In January 2017, the French national assembly passed a bill requiring cameras in slaughterhouses from July 2018. Initially, from July 2017, cameras will be installed in 263 slaughterhouses, in all areas in which there are animals. Israel has also made slaughterhouse cameras compulsory.


By the end of 2016, 400 cameras and 50 digital recorders were installed in Israel’s 50 slaughterhouses. They are on 24 hours a day, seven days a week and feed a live video stream to supervisors within each facility, as well as to Agriculture Ministry veterinary inspectors in an off-site ministry control centre. Every room in which there are animals must have a camera.  The move followed the release of undercover footage of cows being shocked with electric prods when they could not walk; prodding downed cows with forklifts to force them to walk; striking, kicking and stomping chickens to death; slicing open days-old calves while they were conscious; and beating and striking pigs with heavy cans and boards.

New Zealand should do the same and require cameras in all slaughterhouses.


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